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To avoid possible misunderstanding when specifying the dimensions of bent bolts, it is recommended that they be given in the order indicated by the dimension letters in brackets under each illustration. For example, if a J-Bolt is required with D=3/8", L=6", C=1", E=5/8", and thread length, T=1-1/2, it should be specified as a 3/8' x 6" x 1" x 5/8' x 1-1/2' J-Bolt. Thread length is the distance from the extreme end of bolt to (and including) the last complete (full form) thread.
J-bolt dimensions Hook Bolt with Round End Hook Bolt with Square End

{ D x L x C x E x T }

Hook Bolt,
Round Bend
{ D x L x C x A x T }

Hook Bolt,
Square Bend
{ D x L x C x A x T }


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